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Hiring Your Next Top Chef

Hiring Your Next Top Chef

High-caliber chefs and sagacious entrepreneurs have created a booming restaurant scene in Cape Town and surrounding areas. The tourism industry in South Africa has grown, creating an ever-increasing need for a more trained and competent workforce within the...

Introducing Rotally Classifieds

Introducing Rotally Classifieds

We want to tell you about our new classifieds website: Rotally Classifieds is different because it is specifically created for people working in the Hospitality industry. Ads are free for all businesses and job seekers. Looking for staff for...

What’s The Law Around Food Labelling?

What’s The Law Around Food Labelling?

Over the past 10 years or so, South Africa has passed a whole lot of new laws, relating to product labelling, to prevent companies and marketers from misleading consumers through deceptive advertising. Have a listen as Legalese lawyer, Eitan Stern, answers the...

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Legalese offers practical legal advice, tools and guidance on the best way to build a small business. Like their legal services, their articles are accessible and understandable.

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