Introducing Rotally Blog

Jan 20, 2019

We’re glad you are here. We started this blog to provide free information and resources to South African restaurant- and bar owners.

So, what kind of things do we talk about here?

  • How to obtain a liquor licence in South Africa and ways to speed up the process
  • Understanding labour law
  • Public liability insurance, rates and recommended companies
  • How to improve your customer experience
  • Advice from other, more experienced business owners, and what they’ve learned along the way
  • Helpful cost-saving hints
  • Hospitality technology and trends

Whether you’re a first-time business owner, a seasoned restaurant owner, or a foreigner unfamiliar with South African laws, this content is created to help you serve up the best restaurant experience.

Got something you think we should blog about? drop us an email and we’ll take a look.


Mandy Robinson

Mandy Robinson

Founder of Rotally

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