Introducing Rotally Classifieds

Oct 23, 2019

We want to tell you about our new classifieds website:

Rotally Classifieds is different because it is specifically created for people working in the Hospitality industry. Ads are free for all businesses and job seekers.

Looking for staff for your restaurant or bar? Post a Job Vacancy ad or look for potential employees by browsing the Seeking Employment ads.

Seeking part-time work or a career in Hospitality? Create your own ad profile or send your CV directly to job publishers and continue to engage via email if you wish.

Do you provide a service or supply the Food & Beverage industry? Increase your business’ visibility to the right audience by using Rotally Classifieds.

Closing an establishment and want to sell furniture & equipment? Engage with potential buyers by posting ads in the Second-hand Goods category.

Subscribe to a particular category search to receive email notifications when an ad of interest is posted.

It’s just the beginning – we are working continuously at improving the experience of the website. Please do send us an email if you have feedback or ideas.


Mandy Robinson

Mandy Robinson

Founder of Rotally

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